10 Irresistible Reasons for Businesses to Use WhatsApp

September 29, 2019 0 Comment

10 Irresistible Reasons for Businesses to Use WhatsApp

A decade back SMS was considered as the latest tool in digital marketing. How times have changed.

The change, however, is almost entirely due to WhatsApp. The free messaging platform acquired by Facebook in 2014 boasts of 1.5 billion active users.

Last year the company unveiled WhatsApp for Business. Of course, such a move was bound to happen with the platform being the medium for transmitting 55 billion messages and hosting 100 million voice and video calls daily. 


WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp for Business is a unique solution that has one significant difference with a regular account. It has to be verified as a valid business profile with a business name, office/shop address, and other similar details.

The best part about it is that till now at least it is entirely free. There is no recurring cost. The cost of sending messages over WhatsApp is negligible and far lower than that for SMS.

It is just a year old, and most businesses are just beginning to optimize their WhatsApp strategy.

We share with you 10 surefire ways to get WhatsApp to help boost your business.


Ten Superb Reasons For Businesses To Use WhatsApp


  1. Create a connection between brand and customers – Unlike other social media communication on WhatsApp is one on one. This provides the business with the possibility of developing a rapport with the customer and being able to understand his or her tastes and preferences. This allows marketing those products that they may find useful instead of bombarding them with random messages.
  2. Business Profile as brand ambassador – Your profile will, of course, have your logo as the display image. It is a reminder to the customer about your services every time they open WhatsApp. It is challenging to provide a constant reminder to the customer about a brand. WhatsApp makes it possible.
  3. Communicate your location instantly – Your customer is looking for the nearest branch of your business but cannot locate it through Google. What can be easier than sending them a map showing the location? Clicking on the map link would take them to Google (or Apple) Maps, and it would be easy to reach your business premises.

You can use WbizTool to set up event-triggered automated Whatsapp messages, which helps you reach out to prospective customers in unprecedented ways.

  1. Engage across the world – It does not cost more to send a WhatsApp message internationally. With the spread of Wifi, everyone has their phone data connection on continually. It does not matter if your customer is not in the country. WhatsApp covers 180 countries across the globe. As long as one has access to data, there is access to WhatsApp messages.
  2. Possibility of dialogue – WhatsApp is a very comfortable way to converse. The customer can escalate his concerns to you. You can respond back immediately saying you will look into the complaint and reach back a few hours later. A conversation by messaging is more relaxed and personal than communicating by email. Of course, an official email about the status of the complaint will be sent since it is a matter of permanent record, but nothing can surpass WhatsApp for its promptness.
  3. Exchange rich media – You can send a video clip through WhatsApp! You can also send links, text, audio clip, image, pdf, and document. This opens up a huge frontier for advertising. All you need to do is send a short 20-second video clip to advertise your product. If a video is too expensive to produce, send them an image. The possibilities are limitless.
  4. Better internal communication – If you want to reach out to someone in the field, is there a better way than WhatsApp. Send location data, send client details, instructions, links to Google documents. Whatever you need to conduct your business, you can do via WhatsApp. It has a flexibility that is a unique blend of social media and messaging applications.
  5. Customer Support – Customers need a response in a hurry, or they feel neglected. Using a chatbot, any business can provide instant response any time of day or night. It is easier for a customer to inform you through WhatsApp and saves you the cost of manning phone lines 24 hours. WbizTool helps you set up sophisticated workflows that enable super fast and effective customer support via Whatsapp.
  6. Statistics – Not only can you send messages to a group, but you can also find out how many have received and actually read. WhatsApp provides metrics that make it possible to understand which customers are more responsive to your messages.
  7. Offer Exclusive Discounts – Being a completely private channel of communication WhatsApp is ideal for sending discount coupon codes and other promos. In fact, you could tailor the offer to suit every customer. It also allows you an insight into customer behavior by letting you understand who is more amenable to such suggestions.



The most significant advantage in favor of WhatsApp is that no spam is possible. The customer will simply block the contact, and no further messaging will be possible.

This will make businesses use the channel responsibly instead of bombarding the customers day and night.

It also adds to the weight of an offer through WhatsApp. You cannot use it too many times for fear of being blocked.

Key features such as payments over WhatsApp, is as yet not possible. But shortly more features will be rolled out for business users. Till then, it is best to get in on the ground floor and build a sustainable contact list.