How Businesses Can Grow Quicker With WhatsApp Marketing?

September 29, 2019 0 Comment

Marketing has rapidly adapted in the past decade to integrate social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.

WhatsApp is a messaging platform but comes very close to being a social media platform. This is not only because of its vast user base of 1.5 billion active users worldwide but also because it makes it easy to broadcast group messages quickly.

It is not entirely unlike Twitter in this respect except that the broadcast is limited to the audience that the user has defined. But unlike Twitter, there is no 140 character limit. From 2014, WhatsApp is a part of Facebook and has been tweaked sufficiently by the parent company for enhancing appeal to digital marketers.


How Can WhatsApp Messaging Be Used?

WhatsApp makes it very easy to share text as well as rich media content such as graphics, pdf, documents, video, gif, images.

All that has to be done is to paste or drag it to the dialogue box and click send.

There are three types of communication possible using WhatsApp.

Single Recipient – A person to person or rather peer to peer conversation is the most common type of communication.

It is like a traditional SMS except that it is possible to attach media and links. How does it differ from MMS? WhatsApp has a native video player and audio player. That makes playback using WhatsApp far more convenient.

Groups – Several contacts who share a commonality may be lumped into a Group. One contact can be tagged in multiple Groups. A message sent in a Group conversation is visible to all members.

Broadcast – A Broadcast is to a temporary Group. Group members can see each other’s identity, but those who are part of a Broadcast list cannot. It is same as sending BCC emails and ensures privacy.

With a dedicated WhatsApp business messaging API tool such as WbizTool at your disposal, you can take your business to the next level by communicating with customers on WhatsApp like a pro. 


How WhatsApp Can Help A Business?

WhatsApp Business was introduced last year. It is the same as a usual profile but has to be verified. One business can have only one WhatsApp Business profile, thus making it impossible to spam.

Till now WhatsApp Business is free to use and offers basic statistics about the number of messages sent, received and read. It is a tool that can be leveraged well to grow your business.

Customer Chat – There is a certain degree of weariness among customers about how they can reach a business on social media. Some companies use Twitter DM and others Facebook Business Page. Both have to be searched out and is best done using a full-sized screen.

Neither Twitter nor Facebook mobile app is well suited for customer care because these were not designed as messaging apps, but the functionality was later bundled anyway.

WhatsApp is far easier to use. Not only that, but due to fear of tracking, many users have uninstalled the Facebook app from smartphones, but nearly everyone has WhatsApp.  

Whatever you used to send through SMSes such as delivery alerts and notifications can be done now through WhatsApp. Unlike SMS, it is free, and the delivery status can be checked easily.

Moreover, you could also forward links to posts on social media through WhatsApp, making it the perfect intermediary platform.

Abundant Feature Set – One of these is the status update which disappears the next day. If you want to post the news of a special discount, just post it as a status update. It is not a part of messaging but a broadcast open to all. It is also hugely unobtrusive.

Of course, you might need to initially alert a brand new customer that you announce discount and promos through status updates.

Attractive Advertising – Use WhatsApp Business to send images of promo offers instead of sending a text. Users of WhatsApp receive dozens of memes from their friends daily. Receiving images through WhatsApp is so natural that it will not appear as a promo effort at all.

If you take sufficient care to design the promo image, it might even get circulated among contacts and go viral.

This is an exemplary way to make known your offers. Off course, the content needs to be attractive and not sent too often.

Automated Message Reply – You can integrate chatbots in your WhatsApp business profile. In this era of instant gratification, customers expect a reply in a few seconds. A chatbot can ask them to provide their necessary details, and the preliminary complaint. 

Your core care team could follow up in an hour. WbizTool allows you to set up event triggered communications to your customers, automating business communications without compromising on the engagement factor. 

In the meantime, the customer is pacified that a response has been received.



The biggest draw is that WhatsApp has no alternative. You have to mimic your Instagram marketing efforts on Snapchat, but WhatsApp is without any competition.

At the very least it gives you a chance for one on one conversation with your customers as has never been possible.  

With the help of WhatsApp Business, you can tap into an exciting market. There are plenty of ways that it could be used and the messaging platform is yet to unleash its full potential. WbizTool helps you leverage all the inherent capabilities of WhatsApp and adds a lot more features on top of it, empowering your business communications.